As an insurance artist, my goal is to help you find solutions to your insurance and risk management needs, so you can be more successful.

If I cannot improve your situationI’ll be straight up and let you know.

In fact, I’ll offer suggestions on how you can improve your current insurance situation – even if it is with someone else.  No high-pressure sales tactics or gimmicks from me.

An Insurance Artist?  Frankly, we all know visions of paint brushes and paint palettes aren’t conjured up when someone mentions the word “insurance.”  So, why do I call myself an “insurance artist?”  Being an insurance artist is about doing something that changes someone (ie my insured or client) for the better. It’s about creating an experience that gets talked about. It’s about doing more than is expected and being passionate about my work. It’s not an easy thing to do.

I endeavor to give freely of myself and the experience I create for the people and organizations which I serve. I do it because I love to do it. I don’t expect anything in return, because to do so would take away from the gift and the intrinsic value of the experience I try to create. I do this not only in my insurance, risk management practice, and business experience, but also with my personal life and community service.

Of course, I make a living as a professional insurance artist (or insurance agent if you prefer), but what I like most about my style is that it’s fair. It’s not manipulative; if anything, it’s the most forward and honest form of selling insurance and risk management products of which I am aware. I literally treat my clients and prospects like a good doctor would a patient.